-=Moe Air Wing=- Sky Angel 07 K-ON! Don’t say lazy ver.

December 18, 2009

“Please don’t say you are lazy… datte wa honto crazy…” The kick ass ED01 of K-ON influenced me to this extent…

Plane is the US Navy EA-6B Prowler, meant for Electronic Warfare. It fits cuz:

1) Electronic Countermeasures means jamming the airwaves with K-ON band music
2) It has 4 crew (its impt!)

Decals are entirely self-printed.

Visual explanation is here, based on what you see in the ED01

The ECM pods slung under the wings. I’m proud of them and the concept. Each represents a member, and is painted in their respective costumes. Tsumugi’s the hardest to make.

Meant for ACG Figure Photo Shoot Contest


1-shot pix

December 18, 2009

This post contains all the myriad pictures that obviously are 1-shot. Some may have 2 shots. Variations either do not exist or are impractical. Seeing is self-explanatory!

Inspired by the fight scene between Yuki and Ryoko. Needed some kind of artificial ‘sci-fi’ background. A decommissioned mainboard would do nicely.

My entry for the Wonderfest 2009 Summer Photo Contest for the Nendo category. Features the Comptiq version of Konata+Kagami nendos.


It sez it right there – KONAKONA! (which is my nick on some figu-forums. Figurakuen.com being one of them. 

Saber Snap-P figure taken at City Hall as a ‘bonus’ shot.

The roses are obviously a pun on the old saying ‘life ain’t a bed of roses’. My submission for the forum booth showcasing members’ collection @ an anime event expo.

Did spring cleaning last Jan, and I thought I may as well use the new-released Hayate 1/7 WAVE figure to act as if she is summoning forth all my figure boxes. >.<

This affords a better view, but without figures.

My most absurd picture. Mikuru is delicious, but just how yummy?

Ain’t photoshopped man. The proof is in the pudding (excuse the food pun). Look for the bent legs backwards between the beef patties.

I’m a BIG ARIA fanboy. So, a little something special here. A self-assembled doll of Akari Mizunashi, photoshopped with watery background and details of one of my favorite episodes.

Some fun pix with some super-deformed figures.

Meant for ACG Figure Photo Shoot Contest

FIGMA Saber – various shots

December 18, 2009

Nope, I wasn’t a big Saber fan, but there’s something to be said for Saber’s regality. Insofar, I tried to match that with a few themes and backgrounds as best as possible. These are the results. The sword she wields is the metal version of Excalibur, sold at Comiket 77. It replaced the plastic one. Sometimes it may shine, gleam or even darken.

She was standing in 1cm deep water. Not photoshopped pic.

The Flying Cavalry! My Winterfest 2009 Summer Photo Contest entry for the FIGMA section.


Went to Marina Barrage, a dam that sections off the Singapore River from the sea. It afforded a decent view of the Singapore Cityscape. Theme was to match the Fate/Stay Night city.

Meant for ACG Figure Photo Shoot Contest

Mamachapp Konata + Kagami – various shots

December 18, 2009

This particular doll was pretty exclusive (magazine mail-in only) when it was introduced. In otaku terms, she was nearly worth her weight in gold. Measuring a mere 23cm tall, she commanded a USD$360 transfer fee. I definitely overpaid, but faced with Kagachapp doll, I bit the bullet again and bought Kagami for the same amount. Terrible twins indeed.

Taken with a friend’s DSLR, but he did the pocessing.  Next, a field of yellow flowers..

Did a Miko shoot at the end of 2008. Kagami would had been the better choice, but Konata will do.

Took her overseas to neighbouring Malaysia (Singapore doesn’t have forested mountains). Theme was kimono + nature shoot. The heights she had to stand was dizzying. The personal risk was great (?)

the terrible plunge down if anything untoward happened.

Took her down to the Esplanade-Theaters on the Bay when the Broadway Musical CATS came to town. Obviously, this was a blatant invitation to do this kind of photoshoot. Nekomimi~ (cat-eared girl)

Meant for ACG Figure Photo Shoot Contest

FIGMA Hayate on the rooftop

December 17, 2009

Well, lightning doesn’t strike twice. But if it does, expect it to do so again.. so went the age-old warning. 3rd instalment here, indeed, but with a twist. It is done at *night* Yeah, night shots are a nightmare, which is why few are around. This is my attempt, half-way decent perhaps, although ill-advised maybe. (and yes, the hatch was *still* left open even at night)

A night photoshoot, as befits the Mistress of the Night Sky~~~

A day shoot is still called for.

Done in Singapore city area. Background is the future casino that will grace the waterfront.

Meant for ACG Figure Photo Shoot Contest

FIGMA Fate on the rooftop

December 17, 2009

2nd instalment of rooftop shoot. Done another day, when the sun is blazing hot like never before. It means, broadly, that my elbows, forearms, kneecaps, thighs and BUTT got cooked quite a bit. Not convinced? Try doing this stuff, on a paved road at 1pm. lolz (the only advantage is that at sizzling 1pm, lighting effect is the best! ^~^b

Blurred, to recreate a ‘speed’ effect. Or vertigo. Or suicidal thoughts.

Now this may get scary… (for me at least)

Meant for ACG Figure Photo Shoot Contest

FIGMA Nanoha on the rooftop

December 17, 2009

As the title sez, a FIGMA placed on the rooftop of an apartment block. This particular shoot *may* bend the rules regarding roof assess in public housing in my country. (the assess hatch was open due to ongoing renovation works) Which is all the more the shoot is remarkable. Hopefully, the same can be said for the pics themselves, and the theme I crafted in my mind…

Nanoha surveys all before her…

“Shall we fly together?”

-=Moe Air Wing=- Sky Angel 03 Nanoha Rafale Marine

December 17, 2009

I present my most colorful piece, but it isn’t the best work I’ve done. The Miku SA-02 is.

Here is Sky Angel -03, Takamachi Nanoha. Stars Flight, -=Moe Air Wing=-

The main focus of male eyes. Lolz at the Raising Heart lines.

Decal layer upon layer. Liked the magic circle. The rear stablizer is painted brown to represent Nanoha’s hair. The color fail of cuz. Wrong one, but no better spraycan in market.

Like Miku, the Rafale M has forward little wings or canards. I take them to represent the ‘hands’ or sleeves.

SA-03 has 6 air-to-air missiles, painted pink to resemble the Axel Shooter Move. *Groan* The drop fuel tanks are painted gold and mica red at the tip to resemble the Intelligent Device. *more groans*

Meant for ACG Figure Photo Shoot Contest

Custom Nendoroid – Izumi Konata witch version

December 17, 2009

Proud to showcase this Nendoroid. With the add-on parts in the Ryoko pack, I just had to try on mah other Nendos. Before, I was wanting to release my pre-order. But took it all the same cuz I never cancel preorders. But this particular upgrade just made it worth the money.

Seiyu and Creation…


I pre-empted the Japs on this one! *yay*

Meant for ACG Figure Photo Shoot Contest

AZONE Illya von Einzbern

December 17, 2009

She’s a doll, but she looks like a perfect PVC figure. The only giveaway is the flowing hair. A worthy attempt by AZONE to combine the 2 worlds of dolls and figures.

This is her first shoot. Among my fav shots.

Played with WB settings…

The truth of how she was set up for the shoot, if you haven’t figured it out already ^_^

The 5 pictures rule is met. Only just.

Meant for ACG Figure Photo Shoot Contest